What is "Yinada" ?

Yinada is a term coined by Stefanosis to describe a combination of two, distinct 

forms of yoga: Yin and Nada. Yin yoga is a style which derived from the 'Taoist'

yoga of Paulie Zink, which was later called "Yin" yoga by Sarah Powers. Taking concepts from Yin & Yang of Taosim, Yin yoga encompasses all the traits from

the aspect that is feminine, cooling, silent, introspective and mostly motionless. Yin yoga poses are not strengthening, do not generate heat, and are held much longer than the standard yoga practice. Nada comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "sound waves" or "vibrations" and is essentially the yoga of sound.

Stefanosis considers Yinada his signature style, by utilizing Yin postures to destress and prepare the physical body for meditation. Nada yoga then applies

sonic tools to bring the mind to the deepest meditative state possible in the shortest period of time. This is the most basic way to describe Yinada without actually experiencing it. 


Are you still curious about the YINADA method of Yoga ? Do you want more details ?

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