Before discovering Tibetan singing bowls, Eastern philosophy and Naada yoga, Stefanosis was (and is) a musician, playing multiple ethnic instruments. Stefanosis started home-recording as a hobby at 19 years old, and now in his mid-40s he continues to record and release music as an independent artist.

Most of his music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other music-streaming services. The title

"Dub Das" translates to "servant of dub", a reference to his preferred musical genre.

Albums (5 songs or more)

Ten songs of dub-inspired electronica and reggae dub poetry with spiritual, yogic themed lyrics. Some dance-able, faster paced material sets this album apart from the others. Now available.

Roots reggae instrumentals and electro-dub with melodica. Inspired by the 1970s reggae era.

Shamanic style New-Age with Native-American flute.

A 5-song E.P of instrumental, electro style ambient

psydub with melodica as the lead instrument.

Stefanosis has dedicating an entire 10-song release to Kabir's profound poetry ! World music fusion inspired by East-Indian and Turkish rhythms and melodies.

'Mystic Poets' is a 8-song album of just that: poems by Kabir, Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, Hafiz and Milarepa, set to Stefanosis' own unique musical interpretation. 


Spotify link and playlist compiled by Stefanosis


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