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Extraterrestrials and Celestial Beings

Welcome to the 13th key. When we consider the scope and expanse of the Universe, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to assume we are alone. Obviously, proof of extraterrestrial organisms would require full disclosure. Although the idea of E.Ts among us is actually very rational, this topic is plagued by conspiracy theories. In this blog post, I will not speculate on what type of E.Ts exist, but rather on why governments deny their existence, and also my theory as to why the E.Ts are not openly contacting us. At least not yet...

It's well documented that alien life forms have come to Earth, either intentionally or by accident via wreckage. Even ancient pictographs seem to depict extraterrestrials and their spacecraft. I believe alien crafts and bodies have indeed been recovered and studied within the last century. So why would governments go to such extreme measures to deny this ? The simple answer is - control. Public knowledge of extraterrestrial life would shatter everyone's current worldview and reality. Religions worldwide would have to accommodate this new reality, arousing more questions than answers. Panic would spread at the very thought that something alien is superior to all our leaders and our technology.

In world religions - particularly Hinduism - what we may consider extraterrestrials may simply be the multiple celestial beings - also called angels - who are well advanced in nature and reside in parallel planes of existence. It would stand to reason that there is a diverse multitude of these beings, whether extraterrestrial or celestial. A quick web-search reveals that at a minimum, there are at least six, different types of E.Ts among us: Greys, Flatwoods Monsters, Hopkinsville Goblins, Green Humanoids, Nordic Humanoids and Reptilians. Some of these beings would be benevolent and sympathetic towards us, while other beings would view us as herd animals or something to be potentially exploited for genetic purposes. In fact, it's very likely that an unseen war is taking place beyond our scope and comprehension.

Another possibility is that we are simply being observed by these highly intelligent beings, in the same way humans tag and observe wildlife in hopes of helping them. It is likely that these extraterrestrials would have to limit their contact with us, not because they fear us, but because we are a species that can feel easily threatened and attack. In that case, even benevolent extraterrestrials would be forced to defend themselves, with devastating results for us humans. Imagine yourself, observing and admiring a beautiful jaguar from a distance, when suddenly it charges you. The guide you're with came armed with a rifle, and is forced to use it to save you from getting killed by this beautiful but savage creature.

As I type this key in the Summer of 2020, record numbers of extraterrestrial sightings and celestial phenomenon are taking place. Perhaps a time is fast approaching when they'll start to reveal themselves more and more. As this happens, humancentric institutions and ideals will collapse, and political power structures everywhere will seem obsolete. Many people will embrace these beings, and many will question their motives. If top level government officials know these implications, it's no wonder they would do everything in their power to prevent any disclosure, denying it even as contact increases.


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