Before discovering Tibetan singing bowls, Eastern philosophy and Naada yoga, Stefanosis was (and is) a musician, playing multiple ethnic instruments. Stefanosis started home-recording as a hobby at 19 years old, and now in his mid-40s he continues to record and release music as an independent artist.

Most of his music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other music-streaming services. The title

"Dub Das" translates to "servant of dub", a reference to his preferred musical genre.

Albums (5 songs or more)

Ten songs of dub-inspired electronica and reggae dub poetry with spiritual, yogic themed lyrics. Some dance-able, faster paced material sets this album apart from the others. Now available.

Roots reggae instrumentals and electro-dub with melodica. Inspired by the 1970s reggae era.

Shamanic style New-Age with Native-American flute.

A 5-song E.P of instrumental, electro style ambient

psydub with melodica as the lead instrument.

Stefanosis has dedicating an entire 10-song release to Kabir's profound poetry ! World music fusion inspired by East-Indian and Turkish rhythms and melodies.

'Mystic Poets' is a 8-song album of just that: poems by Kabir, Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, Hafiz and Milarepa, set to Stefanosis' own unique musical interpretation. 


Stefanosis on Bandcamp and Spotify...

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Bandcamp is a space for all, independent artists to sell or distribute music directly to listeners and fans. Because many music lovers still prefer downloads and burning CDs than streaming, Stefanosis is now offering some FREE, exclusive music for download here. Enjoy !


Spotify is a music platform dedicated to a younger generation who enjoy streaming music, especially through mobile devices. By following Stefanosis on Spotify, you can save songs and even playlist them. In addition, Spotify creates and algorithm to help you discover more music you might vibe with. Enjoy !