"Always chant OM. God is OM - Supreme Music." - Patanjali

Stefanosis began his journey into sound as a teenager, picking up his first bass-guitar and plucking the strings, experiencing the resonance of the deep tones. Years later, he would delve into world music, percussion, yoga, and sound therapy.

In 2010, Stefanosis heard his first singing bowl and was amazed that such a simple looking bowl could create such a soothing, harmonic sound. Through a yoga teacher-training and reiki certification, Stefanosis gained a deeper understanding of chakras, meridians and subtle energy bodies. Soon after, while looking for a teacher, Stefanosis met sound-healing master Satya Brat from India on Facebook, and eventually was offered to become the west coast coordinator for sound healing workshops (Stefanosis has completed two of these). He was the official west-coast coordinator with IASH (International Academy of Sound Healing). Currently, with a collection of 18 healing grade, hand-beaten Tibetan singing bowls and 2 gongs, Stefanosis is now using what he calls the 'Tibetan technology' to balance chakras, heal bodies and raise spiritual consciousness. Everything is energy, everything is vibration, and Satya has taught Stefanosis that sound energy has unlimited potential. What began as a musical curiosity became something much deeper. Stefanosis is a 'Naad' yogi in every sense of the word. 'Naad' means sacred sound-current, by means of mantras, gongs and musical instruments. There are billions of sounds of various frequencies in this universe, but Naad is sacred sound. Stefanosis is an insured, certified Hatha yoga teacher available for classes, retreats, festivals and special events, with a full music catalog on Spotify as well.

"Music without words means leaving behind the mind, and this is meditation. Meditation returns you to the Source, and the source of all is sound. "  - Kabir

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